Be Fierce, Be Loved, Be Great

I sat down to start drafting this first blog post with a million things going on in my head.  I really had no idea what to write as my first hello.  I’ve done a few blogs before and they all fell through a few months in.  But this one is different, it’s special.  I stopped thinking about what I thought you wanted to read and started thinking about who I am, as a woman, a mother, a wife & an entrepreneur. I have chosen (recently I might add) to live my life 100% in this phrase: Be Fierce , Be Loved, Be Great. I truly believe we all have it in ourselves to do the same. That is why I decided to run my business with those 3 things in mind.

Be Fierce- I’m a boudie loving babe.  I’m inked with colored hair.  I pride myself in being totally real 100% of the time; that is fierce.  I’m a mother of 3 under 4. I’m a wife that still likes to get dressed up and go out from time to time; that is fierce. If you read that and realize that you do too, you’re fierce. Each and every one of you is fierce you just may not even realize it. 

Be Loved- I don’t mean by your husband or your family.  I mean be loved by inside your being.  Be IN love with yourself because we all deserve to be loved by the one who truly knows us.  Who knows you better than yourself? This one has been hard for me because I’m a people pleaser. I put everyone else first and forget myself.  I can’t speak for everyone else here but I know I do it too often.  So be loved. Take even 5 minutes out of the day and be with yourself.  That can be however you want. I use my time doing Pole Fitness and it had become a huge part of me. 

Be Great- Now this one, this is the big one.  What is greatness? Is there a definition that fits every single person? I say yes but that it’s not the same for each person.  My greatness is always evolving and changing.  It’s never the same as it was the day before.  One day it may be as simple as get all of the kids up and changed before 9 am.  Other days it could be so much more complex.  We all strive for greatness at things like life and our job, but do we ever stop to think of our daily greatness? We should and I am.

So there ya have it. If that was hard for you to read then that’s ok! I’m an acquired taste and I’m fine with that.  I play my music too loud and photograph all types of people. I have so much to share with you and I can’t wait to meet you all. 

Make it great,


March 17, 2016

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