Why Do I Need a Mini Session?

I’m sure you’ve heard about or seen photographers offering mini sessions. Typically, a mini session is a shortened session with a few digitals thrown in at a reduced price.  While I don’t know how often others do them, I have come up with a great plan! I am making the change to only photographing weddings and boudoir, but I will offer mini sessions TWICE a year! That means you only have 2 times to get family photos done with me – eek!

How adorable are these ladies?? 

How adorable are these ladies?? 

So since I am only offering these twice a year I am excitingly urging you (more like encouraging!) to book a mini with me! Spring is here and its going to be beautiful.  Get your little ones dressed up for an adorable portrait, or keep it casual for a lifestyle sesh’.  I really do leave that up to you! But, warning coming here: Book now so you have a spot! I can’t tell you how many times I myself even, have waited and waited and then lost the chance.  I don’t want that to happen to you! So go send me an email with the subject line Family Mini Sessions and let’s ya booked!! 

Make it great guys,



March 24, 2016

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