Senior Rep Welcome PARTAY!

This past weekend I had to unbelievable opportunity to love my senior rep team. I threw them a welcome party that knocked even my socks off. These kids that will be the face of my brand for the next months are the greatest kids I have ever met.  They each applied by themselves and while I was looking through all of the applications I couldn’t help but feel humbled.  All of these teenagers are doing so much for their schools and communities, and they are all a blast to be around! I want to wait to formally introduce them a bit, so you’ll have to come back for those posts 😉 

I wanted to throw a welcome party that I would want to attend if I were in their shoes.  Nothing too fancy or crazy. I put on my party planner hat and got to work.  I may have procrastinated on some of the details, but who doesn’t every now and then right? 

Keeping it low key meant I had to get creative.  I know my way around the creative computer apps so I got to work on some paper goods and I could not be more pleased with how they turned out! They’re bright and colorful, but still me.  I had so many exciting things to tell them about so I ended up giving each Rep their own folder jam packed with information! I also made them all a goodie bag- because who doesn’t love goodie bags? Not a single person that I know of.  I wanted to keep it simple yet sentimental.  This is their moment and I want them to remember it always.  I ended up filling it with a gorgeous print of my tagline; be fierce, be loved, be great, made by the brilliant Erin Niehenke of Fresh Cut Prints out of Pittsburgh, PA. (Link here)  She was amazing to work with and I will 100% be using her again! I also put in a small note pad and pencil…I’m a pencil rather than pen girl myself and wanted to share that love.  Ended it with a few pieces of chocolate (no explanation necessary there) and closed them up with a cute clothespin and name tag.  I’m a foodie so snacks were a necessity.  Off to Icing on the Lake I Went.  I picked up some delsih cake pops and macarons because they’re just great to look at while eating.  It was my first time at the small business bakery and I loved them! (Link here

The set up was so easy thanks to my last year star senior Alex.  She came over and helped me blow up balloons and hang up the gold hashtag banner.  You may end up seeing a post about her in the near future too 🙂 But that was it! I waited for them to pull up in the driveway and once they all settled we dove right in.  I am so excited to share what we have planned but I have to keep in under wraps until we do it! I am a great secret keeper though so hopefully I don’t get to excited. Take a look at al of the pretty details and my wonderful Senior Reps! (Minus one…boo training that day)

Aren’t they the most amazing looking group of kids EVER? I can’t wait to introduce them all to you.  I know we’re going to rock this summer out. Have a great week friends! I love you all so much.

Make it great always,


April 14, 2016

  1. Arika says:

    I love the stationary it is too cute!

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