Meet Alex! | My Senior Rep Assistant

I want you all to meet a super amazing girl-Alex! Alex was one of my AMAZING seniors last year.  She rocked a prom session that came straight out of The Great Gatsby (link to that HERE) When I was going through my 2017 applicants I noticed that her younger sister Emma had applied.  I was so excited and knew she’d be just as amazing.  

Fast forward to prepping for my welcome party.  Alex came all the way over to my studio to help me set up and chat about all of the fun things I have planned for the reps.  We were talking and she was getting super excited and I had a thought; what if I asked her to be my assistant? She was literally JUST in their shoes and she is a perfect example of what a rep needs to do. I asked her and she jumped on saying yes almost before I got the words out.  

Alex is a great girl who is attending Mercyhurst University here in Erie Pa.  She is such an individual and I love her vibe.  She shares my love of music festivals and being unique in your own skin.  I have never met someone so intelligent and funny and just all around amazing.  She has the biggest heart and she loves to share it with her friends.  I decided that since she would be helping me out a TON, I would do a mini session with her.  It was totally last minute and we pulled together some amazing shots.  So join me in welcoming Alex to my Rep Team Staff!!


She is gorgeous.  Her style is always awesome and the fact that she rocks some white chucks makes my heart smile.  I can’t wait for you all to learn more about her and see some of the amazing things we’ve got planned this year! 

Make it great-whatever it is you’re up to today


April 18, 2016

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