Senior Rep Jared | Prom 2k16

I really love prom season…maybe too much! I made it to all 3 of my senior reps who had their prom on the same day! I realized when I was done that I had learned so much about prom nowadays. So according to all of my seniors, the proper way to type out 2016 in now “2k16” so I will now be hip with their shortcuts! (Typing that out made me realize how behind the times I am)  I learned that prom is no longer a date only event, that you don’t need to have the most revealing dress to be looked at, only that you go with the people who you love and make you feel good. Jared’s group was a perfect example of that.  Jared’s stunning date brought a friend from her school, and she paired up with one of Jared’s buds-how awesome is that! They all looked absolutely amazing and they were all so polite. 

Jared- I hope that you had an amazing time because you all deserved it! Take a look at some of my favs from his groups session 🙂

It was 100% necessary for me to grab a photo with this stud…he is family after all 😉 But really don’t they all look awesome?! I had a great time with them all and their parents 🙂

Whatever you gotta get done today- Make It Great!


May 19, 2016

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