Liege Barre & Pole – A Modern Boudoir Session

Hey! I told you guys I’d be back soon.  I have been waiting to share this amazing session with everyone as it’s one so close to my heart.  As you may or may not know, I attend a pole fitness class.  I love it for so many reasons.  This beautiful soul Jen has opened her heart to all of us to share an amazing way to gain strength and confidence.  

I was actually the one who got the ball rolling with the idea and I just put it out there, and let it sit for a bit.  Then I got a message about my thoughts on a studio session! Jen really wanted to showcase the diversity of women and men that come to the studio.  I really took that to heart because that’s the very core standard of why I love boudoir work.  

We played around a bit the morning of the session.  There was a studio full of beautiful people who were all so excited.  We had all walks of life together in one room dancing around and having a blast.  We played out some West Side Story inspired scenes, brought out our inner bad ass sides, really it was just the best time. 

Take a look and you’ll see what I mean!

What did I tell you? Are you amazed? I surely was.  If you look super close, you may notice a pair of bright green heels in a few of these.  Those are (drumroll please) MINE! Yes it’s true there are a few times Ill jump on the other side.  Because this was for one of my favorite people ever, I agreed to doll myself up and pull out my inner fierceness, My awesome assistant Alex went with me to shoot and this was her time to shine! She did great as usual.  

Jen- Liege is a place unlike I’ve ever seen before.  It’s a place for anyone to walk through the door, leave the outside crap in the parking lot, and get back to yourself.  I have become a strong, confident woman again and I owe it all to this graceful, beautiful woman.  Thank you for all that you have done and for all you will do for me and so many more.  

If you guys are ever in the area-go take a barre or pole class.  Seriously it was one of the best things I’ve ever been talked into doing.

Make today great!


June 9, 2016

  1. Lori M says:

    These pictures are AMAZING and should be in a magazine spread!!

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