Meet Caitlin | Senior Rep

I can FINALLY start blogging some of my senior rep sessions!! I cannot tell you how happy I am to introduce you all to my team.  I love them all so much and they are all amazing.  Caitlin is actually a senior this year- so she’s already graduated 🙁 BUT that didn’t stop us from knocking her session out of the park.  Her session was moved around because of some terrible rain, and the evening of her new date it stormed like crazy! I almost called to cancel and then while I was driving I saw how beautiful the evening was turning out to be and that made for one of the most beautiful sunsets you could imagine.  

We split the session in 2 so we had more than enough time to get all of the images we wanted. I think that was a great idea because now I’m looking through all of these images and loving them. Here’s a look at part 1 for you!


I really really love these so much don’t you? Caitlin is going to Gannon this fall and I just know she’s going to do amazing there.  Be on the lookout for part 2- we had a great adventure during that session 🙂 

Until next time loves


June 24, 2016

  1. Lisa (mom) says:

    These are amazing! And the weather that night was absolutely PERFECT! For the first time ever, I see some pictures where she actually resembles me–I’ve never been able to see that in her before.

    • Samantha Zenewicz says:

      I see it in many of them 🙂 she certainly gets her beauty from her mama. I am beyond happy that the weather gave us the most beautiful sunset that night!

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