Meet Emma PART 1 | Senior Rep

So today you guys are going to meet sweet, sweet Emma.  This darling gal has a place kept so close to my heart.  When we were talking about her session and what she wanted to wear and places she wanted to go, Emma wanted to be different.  She wanted to stand out in a crowd and be herself.  I think we managed to do just that in her session.  We ended up driving along the Bayfront Parkway and stopped at a few places to shoot.  We started at Frontier Park, a fairly common setting for photos, but that’s because it’s a beautiful park here in Erie. 

It was around 90 degrees the day of our session and I was frantic.  I love the heat but a day I don’t need to have everyone sweaty would be a day I’m photographing.  I waited and waited into the evening hoping the sun would ease up a bit.  Emma was flawless when they pulled up and acted like there was no heat.  I have no idea how she does it, but she made people in the park stop and watch as we shot.  

Here’s a look at out first stop on Emma’s senior session trail 🙂

How cool is that little constellation ink on her arm?! I’m not very good at astrology or anything but her sign looks super gorgeous on her.  She let her inner sass out a little on that bridge and I just loved it.  I can’t wait for you all to learn a bit more about Miss Emma and see the rest of her stunning photos.  

See ya soon!

Make it great guys


June 29, 2016

  1. Lisa Blacksten says:

    Emma looks fabulous! I agree about the bridge shot–awesome!

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