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It’s Friday!! Who’s excited for the weekend?? I know I am. As I promised last week, I’m going to dedicate every Friday to my new Mama series, last week with an introduction of myself! This week I want to introduce you to a very special mompreneur and friend of mine, Katrina!

Hello, I’m Katrina! I own a small freelance beauty business called K+Co! I specialize in special event make-up and hairstyling and travel from Cleveland, to Erie, to Pittsburgh. I also use the business as a confidence booster for young woman and I speak and hold workshops that mix in beauty advice with a splash of girl power!

I’ve been in this crazy industry for three years but I started K+Co. about a year ago, and found out I was pregnant the same week, which I don’t recommend launching a business while your hormones are raging!

I have a beautiful sassy sweet little girl named Halena, and the goofiest most squeezable little baby son Waylon. My husband is a crazy fearless hardworking dude who spends all of his free time teaching our kids how to hurt themselves on the most wild play time adventures. 

I love what I do now more than ever, because I get to play with my kids all day and work around my schedule and needs. It’s a great thing never having to miss any fun moment, but it definably is not easy. I feel like a constant struggle between am I having enough time with them, or enough of my business. It will never balance out but I just pray through it and I know God gave me this business at this time for a reason and as long as I keep family before business you really cannot fail! Positivity is key when you’re a stay at home mom-preneur.

Besides faith the only thing getting me through tough days in the beauty industry is my kids, and the only thing that gets me through crazy tantrums and explosions is making someone feel pretty and confident. It’s a win win either way!

If I could go back to the start of my business I would tell myself to not worry about what others are doing. Don’t compare yourself to what others are doing and don’t max out your credit card at Ulta. Find what works for you and stick with it, love it, and be proud of it.

Feel free to ask me more questions, I love mamas!

XOXO, Katrina

Katrina and I have been working together for about a year now, and I am just SO happy to call her a friend! Her family is beautiful and her heart is pure.  I am so proud of her for bringing this amazing business into action and really taking it by the horns.  She’s a brave mama, and I think sometimes we forget that.  So welcome Katrina!! Everyone share the love and go give her a shoutout or some love 🙂

Have a GREAT weekend!


July 22, 2016

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