Andrea’s Grand Voyage | An Erie Pa Bridal Shower

Ola’, Bonjour, Ciao Bella, Hallo, Hey there! I figured I’d give you a tiny taste of the theme from this beautiful bridal shower before you even take a look down the page.  Andrea came all the way from California last weekend to celebrate her upcoming wedding and it was amazing.  If I could just list words about how great it was, I would. (but that would be boring) Andrea is like family to me; her younger sister Brittany is my best friend.  So naturally, when I found out about the shower I said I’d be there early, camera in tow.  

Brittany had given me an idea of what the shower would be like, but nothing prepared me as I walked into the Erie Yacht Club.  The room is right on the water, and the windows were HUGE! There were 3 tables being covered in beautiful pink and white flowers and things.  As I looked around I began to notice that there were tons of travel books and luggage looking boxes and I just loved it.  Andrea and her soon-to-be hubby Clayton are world travelers.  That’s not their actual job, but the way they travel it very well could be.  They have been to 15 different countries together already! 

It was a beautiful day, a bit warm, but still beautiful.  The sun was shinning and there wasn’t a cloud in sight.  As people arrived they took a moment to fill out a vintage postcard with some advice for the happy couple, sat down at their pre determined seat with a boarding pass, and filled out a few game boards.  We played gift bingo and how well do you know the bride; two very fun games.  The prizes for the winners are by far the most elaborate prizes I have ever seen.  There were 2 bags: an Andrea bag and a Clayton bag.  They were FILLED with their favorite things.  The champagne was flowing and everyone was having a wonderful time.  Lunch was served and it was exquisite.  There were beautiful cupcakes made by a certain family-friend 😉 Everything was simply wonderful.  There was a moment as Andrea was opening gifts, when a blue handkerchief was unwrapped.  It was a moment that you could miss if you weren’t really paying attention, but it was there.  The beautiful vintage handkerchief was their Great-Grandmothers.  I borrowed it for a few moments and took Andrea’s engagement ring and  a family heirloom ring  (also from a great-grandma) and took a few photos of them.  It’s so nice when you have family items being passed on to really capture them in their true beauty.  

Take a look at some of the beautiful and thoughtful details Brittany put in for her big sister’s special day!   

It was a bit emotional for me, as this family is one I call my own.  I know Andrea is going to make a timeless bride, and I am wishing them so much happiness and love.  And as for Brittany, this shower was a trip around the world filled with people who love each other.  It was a day to remember, and I am so honored to have been a part of it.

As always,

Make it great 🙂


July 28, 2016

  1. Janice Walker says:

    Beautiful pictures. What a great bridal shower.

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