Meet Jared Part 2 | Senior Rep

Climbing up the side of a cliff with the lake below….sounds fun right? Not when you’re afraid of heights and carrying your second baby in your hands! 😉 We had a super fun time at Jared’s senior rep session and that included some climbing!  I saw the clips on this private little beach and thought “wow it would be really pretty up there” so I mentioned the idea to this strapping young fella and up he went.  He offered to help me and everything, such a sweetheart.  

Jared has some military plans once he graduates, and having the American Flag in his session was very important to him.  So, away I went to look up the guidelines for photographing the flag. We never let it touch the ground, and respect was paid the entire time.  I am so pleased with the way they turned out, and he even brought a little lawn flag to play around with!  Since we were at the beach, and Lake Erie is kinda gross (but beautiful) we were on the constant lookout for any fish parts…you know that wash up on the beach and you almost step on them but then you smell them.  Well we were talking around and boom! A huge catfish was laying there…it was equally gross as it was fascinating.  We laughed a bit about it and then carried on.  

Jared attends McDowell High School with plans to go into the military once he graduates.  He is currently in the ROTC program (and beasting it at that) and works as a lifeguard at YMCA’s Camp Sherwin. When he was little, he was obsessed with dinosaurs-I mean he used to run around making growling noises and knew every species obsessed.  Shooting his session brought me back to those days and I got a tad emotional. He has grown into a strong willed, smart young man who is going many places.  I am so happy I got to be a part of this time in his life, take a look at some of our favorites!!

I know this young man is going to make his family so proud, and I am so honored to be a part of that family.  Good luck to you love, and thank you for always smiling for me! 

Make it a great Monday!


August 1, 2016

  1. Lori M says:

    Beautifully written Sammy!! I’m not sure how this mommy is gonna let him go!!
    Thank you for the amazing pictures!!

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