Meet Nikki Part 2 | Senior Rep

Happy Monday everyone!! I’m so excited to tell you a bit about Nikki’s second half of her senior session.  We went on an off road adventure looking for a specific road.  We may have passed it 2 times trying to find it, and we found tons of beautiful places while looking, but we finally made it with time to spare! There’s just something about back country roads that makes my inner country girl giggle.  I love it.  We even made a pit stop on the way in the middle of the road for a few photos.  It was one for the books you guys.  Nikki made everything effortless; working all the angles and bringing the smiles on without me asking.  She even let me in on her goofy side and we caught a few moments of her just being herself.  

Once we finally found our road, we drove up a HUGE hill and parked at the top.  The sun was giving me some beautiful rays, and we began shooting.  Next  thing I know there’s this cute little kitty walking over to say hello.  He was a cute little guy and we could hear him purring from the ground.  

I asked Nikki a few questions when she applied to be a rep, and here are some of her super awesome answers!

How would you describe yourself? I’m very outgoing, more of a bubbly person. 

What are your hobbies? Painting, drawing, sleeping 🙂

(This is my favorite answer I think) Why would you make a super awesome SZP Senior Rep? People say I’m a very good sales person-so bonus on that. Also, I talk to people easily.

What kinds of things do you think would make a perfect senior session? I am up for anything you hand me. 

Take a look at this little firework’s part 2!

Super beautiful and graceful right? Nikki, I am so happy I am able to capture this special time in your life.  You bring out so much beauty in the world and I know you are going on to do amazing things! (don’t forget when you’re famous I got your autograph first!) 

Make it great guys!


August 8, 2016

  1. Tonya Glennon says:

    Tears of happiness and pride

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