Girard High School Marching Band | Nathan Senior

I was a marching band kid…no shame there.  I loved the family feeling I got in every practice and being able to go to football games for free was kind of cool.  To have one of my senior reps in their own marching band made my heart sing with joy.  Nathan is entering his final year in marching band.  It’s bittersweet and beautiful.  We decided to do something special with all of the seniors in Girard High School’s marching band and do some fun photos for them. They have their band camp during the summer at Camp Notre Dame in Fairview, Pa and oh my goodness it was perfection.  Take a look at all of these awesome kids!

To each and every one of you, good luck this year and play hard! I’ll obviously now need to go see the show so I can cheer you all on.  Nathan, even though this year may be your last in the band- the music will live on forever. 

Make it great guys!


August 25, 2016

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