The Baby Powder Explosion | Mama Series

Yay for Friday!! How many mamas have kiddos in school already?? Ollie goes on Monday and as much as I am excited for her to go back, I’m going to miss her. The sadness if me missing her was put on hold last week when I found her in her brothers’ room covered in baby powder.  Not only was she covered, but the entire room was covered.  There was a layer of white from floor to mid wall. I was fuming.  She wasn’t in here that long alone. How did she even reach it? So many thoughts were racing in my head.  And there she was, just playing on the floor like it was no big deal at all.  Thinking about the scene now is hilarious truly.  If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the entire thing unfold and my cleaning escapade. 

Sitting down after I got it all cleaned up and she apologized and un-powdered herself, I got to thinking. This explosion was a lot like my business recently.  Hear me out, this is kinda cool.  As a business owner, my passion is my job.  Over time, it can get grueling and less passionate.  It happens to almost everyone.  You stop and realize it’s not fun anymore.  You need out.  Then, you come up with an idea.  A creative spark.  A bottle of baby powder too close to the edge of the shelf.  You let it sit there, in your head a while.  It marinates and becomes bigger and bigger and then BOOM! The baby powder explosion happens.  You have all of this creative energy and all of these ideas are pouring out of you at lightning speed.  It makes a mess.  But you let the dust settle to form a nice coat of powder from floor to mid-wall.  And in that mess is a beautiful thing that saves you. 

I recently had one of my own creative explosions.  I was in a rut, feeling uncreative and unproductive.  I had a thought-a small thought- but I let it sit there.  From that thought came my very first styled session.  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever done and I am beyond proud of myself.  I am proud of my explosion.  (see it here)

Do any of you mamas have a story like this? Something crazy happen that you can make parallels with? I’d love to share it if you’re willing…

In a way I can say thanks to Ollie, for reminding me that once the dust settles, something pure and beautiful sits.

Make it a GREAT weekend guys!


August 26, 2016

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