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Happy Friday!! I am so happy the weekend is here 🙂 We have a jam packed weekend, getting ready for a vacation, and work, and doing a crazy obstacle course, but still the weekend will be fun! Today I want to let you guys in on something super cool.  I want to introduce you to my kiddos, one at a time-through some photo journalistic pieces.  This is one of my twins, Brendan.  He is deaf- which you should be able to tell from a few photos.  He’s a sweet little boy who stole my heart the moment I saw him-and I know you guys are going to love him! There are a few here and there of our 2 other littles, but that’s because they are ALWAYS together so we had to keep it true! To help you out Brendan is wearing a grey shirt in the morning, and grey shorts in the evening.  😉 Take a look at a fairly typical Brendan day!

Well there ya go! My littles love going shopping (as long as it’s at target in that amazing twin cart) and eating if you can’t tell.  I just wanted to share some raw moments with you guys, full of messes and maybe some crying.  I’m a real mom, and I want you all to know that behind this curated instagram filter there is a real mom who cleans messes and maybe doesn’t have a pinterest perfect house! 

Make this weekend great guys!


September 9, 2016

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