Mr. & Mrs. Himes | A Riverside Inn Erie Pa Wedding

Happy humpday!! I have come back to the real world after a few days in paradise, and that means right back to work for this boss lady 🙂 Today I wanted to share a beautiful wedding with you guys from a few weeks ago.  

Charles and Hannah got a hold of me earlier this year for their big day and I knew the second we met it was such a perfect fit! They live outside Erie, but we met in the middle and got to talking about their big day and everything they had planned.  I was so excited watching them talk about what they had in their minds and just seeing their love blossom more and more.  Their wedding and reception were held at the Riverside Inn at Cambridge Springs Pa.  It was beautiful.  The weather held back for us, and the ceremony went without a hitch.  

I asked Hannah about their love story, and this is what she had to say:

“I Tell this all the time, it’s great! Once Upon A Time… we went to the same high school (Northwestern), same grade. I knew all his friends, he knew mine, we didn’t know each other at all, never spoke, never had a class together ever! It wasn’t until after graduation I was hired at McDonalds, where he was already a Manager. A few months pass working together we couldn’t believe we went all highschool without knowing each other. We talked a lot (I had a boyfriend), He was so mad I would not date him. One night he pulls up in his V8 02 Mustang, as i’m working the back window. He is playing “you a sexy bitch” really loud (good song at the time), turns it down and asks for a number “15”, I search my screen and reply, “there is no #15” he replies “oh, I swear I saw your face on the menu back there” We laugh and I’m blushing, he got me. February 19th 2010, I left my Ex (Via text, sorry/not sorry) for Mister Charles 🙂 Made it official 02/20/2010 Fell madly in love, and 6.5 years later we have a cat, Castiel (die hard Supernatural fans), closing on our first home on the 15th, and tieing the knot in August.

Today he is still with McDonald’s moving up the ladder in Meadville, and I recently Graduated with a BS in Medical Laboratory Science, currently working 3rd shift at St. Vincent.”

She’s hilarious you guys, we hit it off super quick.  Their wedding was beautiful and full of moments that I will never forget.  There was even a pokemon tribute with the garter removal! I can gush about them for hours, but take a look at their highlights and you’ll get a good idea of how great they are!

Charles and Hannah – thank you so much for letting me in on this glorious day.  It was truly magical to see you both at the happiest time of your life so far, and I know the future holds so many wonderful things for the both of you.  I wish you so much love and happiness for many, many years to come and I cannot say enough how blessed I am to have been a part of it all.  

Make it great guys!


September 21, 2016

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