K. & Co. Lisa Frank Workshop!

Friday is finally here and woah am I happy to see it! It’s been a whirlwind of a week for me.  How about some super fun, bright, Lisa Frank inspired awesomeness to cap off your week? That sounds amazing doesn’t it? It hits me right in my nostalgic heart and I love it.  Well my dear fellow mompreneur and boss lady Katrina threw a workshop full of our favorite neon, leopard printed goodness! 

Katrina, owner of K. & Co. hosted this super cute makeup workshop in her home! She wanted it to be an intimate experience, full of basic how to’s to make some ladies feel beautiful inside and out.  She went to work on creating a safe space for her attendees, and gave them the cutest goodie bags I have ever seen! I threw in a few of my hidden skills and made each attendee their very own flower crown to take home.  Katrina had asked about them after I made one for a person styled shoot and she was in love! I decided that for her- I’d share the love 😉 Once everyone arrived, we got to share some rainbow snacks and fizzy pretty colored drinks.  As the girls were finishing up they were each asked to write down their favorite thing about themselves on an index card.  It was a big moment to watch as it was pretty difficult.  Katrina took that head on by making sure that each girl felt beautiful and gave out praise and compliments like it was nothing! She really is such a beautiful woman inside and out, and for her to share that with everyone is truly a gift.  We learned a few simple make up tricks, and everyone got to test out their new skills!  It was so fun to walk around and watch everyone find their groove (or in some cases get totally lost and need help!! But that’s totally ok because Katrina was right there every step of the way)

Once everyone was looking beautiful and feeling great we stepped outside to take a few photos. I asked each girl to hold out their card with their favorite feature on it, focusing on them for a shot, and then the card. I am telling you these ladies really just shinned.  They were beaming in front of my camera and I was taken aback for a few seconds. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean!   

Katrina hopped in for a few at the end too and I must say she looked pretty rad. We ended the afternoon with some super fun group shots with the awesome and equally bright shirts that Katrina had made.  Everyone was laughing and having an amazing time and I am so happy I got to share the afternoon with them all.  Katrina kicks butt, she empowers women so effortlessly and wholesomely and I think we all need a little more of that in the world.  

Make it a great weekend! 


September 30, 2016

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