Meet Riley! | A Girard Pa Senior

It’s finally FRIDAY!! Woot! My favorite day and what a better day to share one of my favorite sessions today.  I’m serious this senior session is like top 5 of my career.  Meet Riley- a Girard Senior and style icon to me.  I was so happy her mama got a hold me of after seeing Kaitlyn’s senior session (see that here!). I knew once we started talking that this was going to be so much fun.  

Riley is awesome.  She plays soccer, and also loves music and theater.  A girl after my own heart (minus the sport thing).  We met at the soccer field, battled some crazy but great hair wind and balanced a ball on her nose 😉 That was only the first few minutes! She was nailing every pose, every facial expression was her own and I was loving it.  She is such a sweet girl too! We pulled over on the side of a road that I know fairly well, walked right in the middle, and started shooting Riley in her homecoming dress.  That dress- can you please tell me how much you love it? It’s bold and beautiful just like the young lady wearing it. 

We then decided the sun was going fast, so we hurried over to a fruit farm and finished up right as the sunset was painting me the most perfect colored sky i have ever seen.  We laughed, smelled some grapes and I made a minor fool out off myself.  I’m pretty sure I do that at least once at every shoot but the kids love it for some reason so I will never stop. Take a gander at all of my favorite images from this ah-mazing senior session! 

Riley- I hope you had as much fun as I did last week and I wish you all of the best for this year! I know you are going to be great, and achieve so many great things.  Thank you so much for allowing me to help capture this time in your life.  Julie- Thank you so much!! I am so happy you jumped on board so quickly.  It was so great to meet you and your wonderful daughter.  We really did a ton of laughing, and I love that.  

Make this weekend great everyone!


October 14, 2016

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