Sammie and Dylan | An Erie Pa Engagement

Surprise Thursday post!! I dropped the ball yesterday sorry about that.  This weather is so confusing to my immune system- cold one day, then 70 something degrees. Speaking of crazy weather- Sammie and Dylan braved out the pouring rain for their engagement session.  It was really really rainy out, but Sammie and Dylan live in Ohio, so we braved it out while they were in town.  I am so glad we did, because it gave me an excuse to teach them all of the nuzzling and cuddly poses that I love so much.  I use the term teach loosely here because Dylan was a pro.  I only started describing what I wanted and he was one step ahead of me! I am so excited for this adorable couple’s wedding nest year! Sammie is a Harry Potter enthusiast like I am, so of course when I found out I knew we’d hit it off right away.  They are such a fun couple and I know their wedding is going to be amazing! Take a peek at our intimate session 🙂 

I know I say this every session, but you guys how do I get all of the most adorable couples ever?! I am so happy to be able to share all of this love with everyone. Have a good Grey’s day 😉 Until tomorrow,


November 3, 2016

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