Sweet 16 | Happy Birthday Peyton

How’s this Monday doing so far? Did the Daylight Savings trip anyone up (it drives me nuts!) or did you just fall in? That was my lame attempt at a funny joke so now that we’ve past it, let’s talk about this super adorable Sweet 16!! Peyton had her birthday party 2 weeks ago, and her party was tres magnifique! It was super sweet and Paris themed and I loved it so much. Lori (my aunt and Peyton’s mama) did a superb job on all of the little details.  She made that cake! (She also made my wedding cake so there’s a note of her skills) All of Peyton’s friends got to take home their own sweet treats, and a super special surprise- A REAL PEARL!! They came in oysters that you cut open, dig the pearl out, and shine it in some salt.  It is such an awesome thing to watch.  

All of Peyton’s friends were hanging out and having dinner, there was a super sweet slideshow full of baby photos and memories.  It was mildly emotional for some people 😉 Then the party really got started and the music was turned up.  Everyone had a great time and it was a great way to spend my evening for sure! Take a peek at some of my favs from this Sweet 16 Party!

The Colony did a great job hosting the event, and everyone who played a part really made this sweet girl’s party the best.  Peyton- you are growing up into such a fine young lady, and to be able to watch you is truly a blessing. You have your parents and family so proud and I know you will continue to do just that! I love you Peaches 😉 

Have a great Monday guys!


November 7, 2016

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