Lindsay and James | An Erie Pa Engagement

Friday is finally here! I am so grateful to have more time with my family during these autumn and winter weekends.  The holidays are coming, and then we start a whole new year.  It’s crazy to really sit and think about-go ahead try it now! Last weekend I met up with Lindsay and James at Wintergreen Gorge in Erie Pa.  Their wedding is set for next October, so it was perfect timing for  their engagement session.  I will preface their photos by saying that I am almost certain that I have never met with a couple who were this excited.  Ever.  James was a breath of cool, crisp air  as far as an easy going groom-to-be is concerned.  He had 2 requests- 1. we get some good trees, and 2. He gets to wear his cowboy hat.  Now those are probably not the requests I would have guessed but those were it and boy oh boy did we check those off really quick.  

I think part of the reason that James was so into our session was that it made Lindsay the happiest woman in the world.  Her smile lit up his eyes and I didn’t even need to really coach them through poses. They just naturally fell into things and were too busy being in love for me to interrupt. It reminded me of when you tell a story about two people who are in love, and you really are it known that they are in love.  That is what I was witnessing. It made ME feel the love from behind the camera and in the photos below.  Lindsay did a stellar job on their perfectly coordinated outfits, even going back to the store to get that scarf! There’s dedication, and then there’s dedication right? See how all of their hard work and love paid off!

I loved Lindsay’s boots so much! Their session was so much fun; we even did a tiny bit of hill scaling for some good foliage.  To cap off our wonderful session Lindsay and James got cozy in the back of their truck and I just get the warm fuzzies looking through that set. They just melted right into one another and that my friends is what love looks like.  I truly cannot wait for their beautiful wedding next year and I can only hope that their love for one another gets stronger and more beautiful each passing day.  Thank you so much Lindsay and James for letting me capture these moments for you both! I am so excited to work welcome you as an SZP Couple!

Make it a GREAT weekend guys!


November 18, 2016

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