Emma’s Autumn Session | Senior Rep

Monday is here…and so is the snow! It’s crazy to think that we had a few days last week that were in the 70’s and now it’s snowing. So in honor of those few days, let’s take a look at Emma’s autumn senior session!

Emma is one of my 2017 senior reps and she really wanted a session in the fall. So she sent me a text and we were off! The day was a bit chilly but so beautiful.  Emma really is radiant, and she always picks the most beautiful wardrobe.  It always matches her personality- bubbly and sweet! She really wanted to shoot at Frontier Park, and for good reason.  The park is beautiful during all seasons here, but there’s just something about the autumn that really makes Erie a bit more beautiful than normal. We had a great morning together and I enjoy these images so much.   her last outfit was definitely my favorite! Take a peek 🙂

I am so sad that Emma will be leaving the Rep Program at the end of the year. I can’t believe she will be graduating and moving out into the big world.  It’s such a crazy thing with all of my reps.  I love them all so much and really want to just hold them all for forever.  But, they need to go fly so here I am relishing every session we have together until it’s time to welcome a new class.

Speaking of a new class- the application for my class of 2018 Senior Rep team will be released in December so if you’re interested make sure to be on the lookout! Have a stellar Monday everyone!


November 21, 2016

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