Natalie and Christian | An Erie Pa Engagement

Happy Friday! Are you into the Christmas spirit yet? I definitely am 🙂 Today I want to share this sweet couple with you guys. Natalie and Christian are getting married next fall, and their engagement session was so sweet.  It was a chilly morning, but when we met I knew they’d pull it off flawlessly.  We started our session outside of St. Joseph’s church in Erie Pa.  It’s funny, because this is the place they met, Christian proposed right in this little cove, and next year they will say “I do” there! How great is that? I always love stories like that, where they come full circle.  It truly is a reminder of how fate works and how when you are destined to be with someone, the world will remind you constantly.  

After spending a quick car ride getting warm, we hopped out at the Brewerie in downtown Erie.  I love shooting here.  Inside and outside it is a beautiful building.  Another ironic event- when I suggested shooting there i learned that their reception in being held inside! How crazy is that? Natalie and Christian are so in love you guys.  They are expert snugglers, and I didn’t;t have to really work at all with them.  I love when I get a guy who isn’t in agony having photos taken, and so when I grabbed a few shots of just Christian he played it up a bit and it was so nice! He enjoyed it a little I think 😉 Take a peek at some of my favorites from this chilly but heart warm engagement session.

So cute right? Don’t you just love that bling- I know when I was photographing it I was basically drooling. We did a tiny reenactment of the proposal since Christian did it in the same spot.  There were people coming in and out of the church and there was an older lady- so sweet.  She looked right at us and said “So I guess she said yes!” It was so funny people thought it was happening in real time.  I love little moments like that.  It makes the experience that much more memorable! 

I want to thank Natalie and Christian for braving the cold with me, and also Natalie’s younger sister Abby.  Abby is a dear friend of mine, and someone who’s family frequents the other side of my camera.  It was her words that led Natalie to me, and I am so honored to document these sweet family’s moments.  

Have a GREAT weekend!!


December 9, 2016

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