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Yay for snowy Monday’s! I am not usually the winter lover, but all of this snow really has me in a cheery mood lately.  While everyone is out in the frigid cold, I have so many ladies getting steamy for their Dolled Up Dahling sessions! I really am so excited for all of my ladies who bite the bullet and jump in full force.  Miss S certainly did just that! She is fearless and fun and gorgeous you guys-really gorgeous.  She had ideas and a real vision of what she wanted her session to be, and let me tell you it was game on 🙂 

The goal of my boudoir business is to make each and every woman feel beautiful just the way they are.  I don’t do plastic surgery in photoshop and I won’t ever.  To me, it’s not the same if you look at a photo of yourself and you don’t look the same.  Now I DO use posing and lighting to my advantage to make you look and feel your best.  I WILL work with you on outfits to bring and hair/makeup tricks to try.  I want you to be a lifted version of yourself.  I want to start our session dancing and laughing and feeling great.  Miss S here is a PERFECT example of that.  As women we all fall into that rut sometimes of “I wish I was 5 pounds lighter, I wish my hair were longer, if my eyes didn’t have bags under them maybe then…” Nope stop that. Miss S is a friend of mine and I KNOW she has these moments.  WE ALL DO. But, she knows that I don’t allow that kind of talk and she is always this beautiful woman who can turn it off and turn on the hot! As you look through her stunning set of images I want you to really think about a few things:

1. What is holding you back from taking this leap with me?

2. Why is it holding you back?

3. Is there ever going to really be a better time than now to make yourself feel great?

Miss S is a working mama of 3 beautiful children.  She doesn’t always have the time to make herself feel beautiful.  But when she did, se really did. I can tell you from her words that it was a fantastic decision and she’d make it again in a heartbeat.  So take a look and figure out why you haven’t sent me an email 😉

Miss S- thank you for always lifting me.  Thank you for being a perfect example of what I want my ladies to feel and how wonderful this can be.  Knowing you is truly a gift, and being able to make you feel as beautiful as the world sees you is something I will never be able to thank you for. You are beauty in physical form, and do not EVER let anyone take that away from you (tired eyes and yoga pants days included!)

Let’s make great things happen ladies,


December 12, 2016

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