Miss A | Erie Pa Dolled Up Dahling

Happy Wednesday!! I’m always exhausted by mid-week.  Am I alone on that one? Hopefully not 😉 I am so excited that I get to share yet another amazing dating with you all.  Miss A has never done something like this! Can you believe it? Looking through her images I certainly cannot.  She was celebrating a body milestone and it was just perfect.  

Miss A. was just as nervous as her two besties when I showed up.  All it took was a few eyebrow pointers, some bubbly, and we were good to go! You’d never know this was her first session.  I love when my ladies can really let go and just be themselves around me.  I can reach a whole new level of sexy and beautiful when I can see their true selves. I loved her simple outfit selection- she brought a few personal items to really play into herself and I loved that! I almost always try for a nude set at the end of my sessions.  I love artistic nudes or implied nudes.  I’d say about 80% of the time we get to shoot them.  Now Miss A here brought along some ideas and I was elated when I saw that she had picked a few artistic or implied nudes. Take a look at the flawless Miss A!

Miss A- thank you so much for celebrating yourself.  One of the main goals I have in my business is to really help women of all shapes and colors realize that they are perfect.  You are perfect right now and you will be perfect in 5 years. It was truly an honor to photograph you, and I do hope that we can do it again soon!

Make this humpday GREAT!!


December 14, 2016

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