Amanda, Elena and Jesse | An Erie Pa Family Session

WOOHOO!!! Friday is here! I had to really push through those last few days you guys.  I have a special session to share today.  I met Amanda in high school.  We were both in marching band (no laughing) and I wasn’t that great at making friends.  Little did I know that I had just made one of the most special friends that I’d ever have.  We shared so many life events- some good and some not so good.  She was there for me when no one else was.  Growing up and moving apart happened, but we always found a way back together.  When she had her beautiful daughter I beamed.  I was overjoyed for her.  Well then my family started growing and we drifted again,  It was not until this past year when we finally got each other back.  

So when Amanda asked me if I’d do her family portraits I jumped at the question.  I actually may have physically jumped a little in my office.  I wanted to give her the best photos she’s ever had. According to her I did not fail in that. Take a look at this beautiful family and one that I hold near and dear to my heart~!

AJ- Thank you for always being there to catch me when I fall, to life me when I’m down, and to jump around with me when all is well.  I can never thank you enough four our friendship and I want you to know you are an amazing woman, mother, and friend.  Elena is beyond lucky to have you as her mama, fighting in her corner.  

Have a great weekend everyone!


December 16, 2016

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