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Happy Wednesday! I am back, and I realized just how long my break was.  It was super long, but let me tell you that I am back and READY FOR 2017! You know that feeling when you come home from a vacation that was just long enough? That’s how I’m feeling right now.  My last sessions of 2016 are just waiting to be shared with you all on this gorgeous new website and blog! Did you take a look around? (If not pause here and go look now!)

                                                                  PAUSING NOW!

Ok back? Great now we can take a few moments and talk about this wonderful, beautiful, hilarious woman.  Miss A was super excited about her session and we were able to squeeze her in during her trip to town for the holidays.  Are you planning on booking a session from out of town? Are you afraid preparing will be difficult from out of town? No way! Email and FaceTime is my best friend.  Shoot me some snaps of your outfits, or better yet video call me and we will walk through your closet together! I had Miss A go through the wonderful world of Pinterest to get some inspiration.  I say inspiration because newsflash- * I won’t replicate a Pinterest photo.  Not because I am a crazy mean as hell lady, but because it simply isn’t possible.  I would LOVE to be able to take those same photos, but I am not in that specific place at that specific time with all of those specific details.  Sorry but unfortunately cloning and time travel hasn’t been nailed down yet!* So, once inspiration was achieved, we got right into some ideas.  Big thanks to Miss A’s gal pals who came for some moral support- and plenty of laughs! Take a look at the ever more beautiful, Miss A 🙂

Talk about adorable and sexy right? If it was ever possible to describe a lady in those two words without it feeling awkward- this would be it.  I mean that smile, the nose wrinkle! However at the same time that gaze-wowza.  

Thank you Miss A, for being honest about not knowing to pop the champagne, for letting me laugh with you, and for giving me the pleasure of showing you just how stunning you are.  You are a gem, and I am a luck duck to have met you.

Make it a great one loves!


January 4, 2017

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