The Party of All Holiday Parties! | An Erie Pa Event

Happy Friday!! It is one snowy day here in Northwest PA.  It actually took my family double the amount of time to get home from an appointment in Pittsburgh yesterday because of all the snow.  Crazy right? I can’t really say I’m surprised because we live in one of the snowiest cities in the country, but it was a major system shock! I’m sharing something a little different today, and I’m excited to see what everyone thinks!

I had the pleasure of attending and capturing one of the most spectacular holiday parties around last weekend.  I knew it was going to be good based on the details I had already received, but boy oh boy when I pulled up to the driveway- I was amazed.  That was just with the lights outside.  Once I walked in, really all I can say is wow.  It looked like something out of a magazine spread.  The amount of work that Erica and her family put in to this is beyond words.  Instead of trying to find more words for you I’ll just give you the honor of looking through these photos and you can decide on some adjectives for yourself.  

Something out of a Better Homes and Gardens spread right? The details were so finely prepared. The snow on the drink tables was even edible- it was like vanilla cotton candy! Knowing that this family has this holiday bash every year really makes me curious as to what next years will look like- who knows maybe I’ll even be invited back! 

Have a warm and great weekend!


January 6, 2017

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