Halle’s Glam Session | Erie Pa Dolled Up Dahling

Hello inter web friends! How has your week been going- good? I hope so.  Mine has been just dandy. I have so many new and exciting things coming this year and I have this huge crazy plan to slowly unleash them all for you. Here’s a more in depth look at one of those plans!! I had mentioned earlier this week at a new type of session- My Glam sessions! Miss Halle here is one of my first 2017 Glam Girls and she completely knocked it out of the park! 

Halle came ready for the lights and I had a super awesome new make-up artist come in and glam her up! We really made her shine! Her smile is truly one of a kind and she is just so funny.  It has been so wintery and cold lately here, and as we were shooting I really wanted to make everything sparkle.  So up I went to get the glitter and BOOM we were blowing it all over the place.  Once she left I took a look around the studio and it was almost like a winter wonderland inside as much as it was outside.  Take a look at what’s to come with this new wonderful session!

Dear Halle- thank you oh so much for being one of the first Glam Girls! I had so much fun with you and you are simply amazing.  You really shine from the inside out, and I hope that you see that every time you look in the mirror (or your phone screen)  You are going so far sweet girl, and I’m so happy I got to learn all about you 🙂

Make it a great Hump Day!


January 11, 2017

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