Hannah & Corey | An Erie Pa Engagement

Happy Wednesday!! If you follow me on Instagram you’d know to be waiting for this post today.  I have started diving in with my 2017 couples and I am just so excited for each and every one of them. Hannah and Corey are one of the most adorable couple I have ever encountered.  They are straight out of a movie.  Simply being in their company made me feel the love.  It’s such a beautiful thing-love.  When you can stand there and watch it engulf two people,  it really makes you heart beat a little faster and warmer.  

I am super excited to attend and capture their wedding later this year.  They met through their church volleyball team, (I was then educated that yes churches do have sports teams because I had no idea) and the story of how Corey proposed is real the sweetest thing in the world.  There is even a video of and and yes I absolutely watched it.  It was perfect-the beach at sunset.  Really, its was most girl’s dream come true and lucky Hannah got it all! Here’s a look at their super adorable, love filled engagement session! 

Hannah and Corey, it was amazing to actually meet you finally! I am so honored to be such a big part of such a special day.  You two are blessed to have found each other and I know you will be blessed for many, many years to come.  

Have a good Wednesday everyone!! The work-week is half over so keep pushing on!


January 25, 2017

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