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Hey Wednesday! Halfway 😉 We’re doing good this week right? Today I want to share some information with all of my brides out there- all about the details of your wedding day! I know wedding planning can be scary and overwhelming, but if you’re an SZP bride know that I will be there for you every step of the way.  I love bridal details- love them.  I spend a good hour-hour and half of the wedding day shooting just the details.  I know that seems like a lot but friends it is not! As a photographer, shooting the tiniest details of your special day is something that you will look back on and be so happy about.  It’ll get me ready for your day by really getting me into the feel of your wedding.  I love getting creative with things and your details is one of the areas that I can really do that. 

Now-what exactly is included in the details of a wedding? I’m so happy you asked! The details list is rather long for some weddings, but it could be shorter depending on your day and taste.  Here’s a good list of things that I like to include in my detail shots:


-Bridesmaids’ dresses

-Bouquet/ Bouts. 

-Rings (all 3!)

-Bridal jewelry

-The invitation suite

-Garter/ Cufflinks

-The veil


-Ceremony programs

-Ceremony decor


-Reception centerpieces

-Reception venue

-Any favors/gifts

It seems like a long list I know- BUT once you start getting everything together you will probably find more things you want to include in your detail shots.  That spec lipstick you bought for your wedding- put that in there.  The perfume you plan on wearing- I’d love to include! You can really have fun planning your details and I want to be able to capture each and every one of them for you.  You put so much hard work into your wedding day, so having photos of the tiny things really makes it all come together.  I want to be able to tell your story through your day and all that entails.  Details play such a big part in that.  Here’s a few looks at some of my favorite details to give you the idea!

So. Many. Details!! I really want all of my brides to feel ready when I come into the getting ready room to shoot your details.  That’s why I have a WHOLE SECTION of details and prep in my Bridal Guides! (It pays to read the whole post!!) All of my 2017 brides will be receiving a Bridal Guide in the next few weeks and it is full of tips and tricks and hints to help make your wedding photographs and experience the best it can be. There are pages of details and all of the information you will need to get images like the ones above.  

I can’t stress enough how important details are in a wedding.  They are tidbits of you and your loved ones, sometimes heirlooms passed down for generations.  With me as your photographer, you’ll have images of those specials things for years to come!

Happy Wednesday!!


February 1, 2017

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