Miss J | Erie Pa Dolled Up Dahling

Ok- it’s been a while…I know 😐 I’ve really tried to put this on a front burner, but it kept getting pushed back ya know? However, I have a TON of new content for you guys and I feel confident right now in getting it to you while showing you some serious images.  Starting with this session.  Miss J has never done this before (or so she says ) and I just can’t believe her.  She is a ray of sunshine one hundred percent.  Seeing her go through our session and laughing together really brought me back to why I do this.  She really felt like a million bucks when she left me, and for that I cannot be more happy.  

I want all of you to know that now is the time to do it.  Whatever it is I encourage you to just make the leap, take that step, say the word, etc. There will never be a better time than now, and there may not be another chance if you let it slip away.  I’ve done this a few times in my life- just gone for it.  I’m so happy with all of those decisions and I wouldn’t change a thing about them.  So do it!! Need some encouragement? That’s ok-send me a message.  I will help you push off and take that leap.  It doesn’t have to be photography related for me to want you to do this.  It can be anything! Just know that I am here for you and I will cheer for you the whole time.  

Now…Let’s see how Miss J rocked her session!

Radiant, she sparkles and her smile is worth a thousand words.  I love when I can see this happen right before my eyes, and then I get to show you all just how radiant and sparkly you are too.  Have an AWESEOME Wednesday and let me know if you need a nudge on that jump 😉

Make it great,


March 8, 2017

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