Meaghan’s Glam Girl Session | Erie Pa Dolled Up Dahling

It’s Friday!! I am currently on my way to Annapolis to shoot my wonderful college friends’ engagement session BUT I wanted to wish you all a happy Friday and leave you for the weekend with a super stellar session.  Last weekend, I was in LaGrange, Georgia visiting my besets friend Meaghan.  I spent the week there after my conference was over in Atlanta and I had the best time.  Meaghan was my first “adult friend”.  You know how you have friends who you grow into adulthood with but you always make that first new friend after you’re already an adult? That’s my Meaghan.  We are like sisters-down to the clothes we like to wear and the food we like to eat.  She is also a photographer (by hobby) and I have ALWAYS wanted to do a girly shoot with her.  So, on the last day of my trip I decided that we were going to make it happen…and the magic that came from it is breathtaking.  

I’ll leave you to decide for yourself the adjectives you’d use to describe these images, but if you feel so inclined leave me 3 words below on how these make you feel!! 

**NOTE** That gorgeous green dress is one of my favorites and you can get one here. There are long and short versions that come in so many different colors and I love them!

Meaghan my love, thank you for letting me become your roommate for a week, and also thanks to the hubby Austin for dealing with 2 of us!! I am so happy I got to see you and even happier that I have these beautiful images as a memory of our day 🙂

Have a GREAT weekend everyone I’ll see ya Monday 😉 

P.S If you follow me on Instagram be on the lookout for an amazing story this weekend in D.C! 


March 10, 2017

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