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Happy Monday!! How was your weekend?? Did you catch any of my super amazing trip to DC on Instagram?? I am back in full swing here, and that means keeping you guys up to date on all of the super amazing things I am doing! One of those things is my new boudoir line- Glam Girls.  What exactly is a Glam Girl session and how is it different? Well I am so glad you asked!

My Glam Girl sessions are under my Dolled Up Dahling Boudoir line.  This is a line made just for women like you sitting there reading this.  There can be a few things about a boudoir session that are intimidating, or even a bit scary.  This was my solution and response when ladies tell me they just aren’t comfortable with a “boudie” shoot.  A Glam Girl session is just that- GLAMOROUS! You get a professional make up session and styling assistance and use of my Glam Rack, a full session with me on location or in studio, and a gallery full of your beautiful images.  Sound pretty amazing right?  

Alex here was a PERFECT Glam Girl model for me.  She is still fairly young, and so I tend to push Glam sessions for my younger crowd.  She rocked 2 gowns from my rack and sported a sassy gold lip.  She had SO much fun and you can really tell when you look through her images. 

As a Glam Girl photographer, I want to make you feel special and beautiful.  If you have wanted to book a session but still have some fear of that “boudoir” tagline, ask me about a Glam Girl session and we can chat all about you!! 

Make it a GREAT Monday!


March 13, 2017

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