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It’s Friday!! I’m back with a Mama post today and this one is all about my baby girl.  Little Miss Ollie is a spunky, spirited 4 year old who acts like she’s going on 16.  We are in for a treat that is for sure, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Ollie was the kid who didn’t want her photo taken a lot when she was a baby.  When I trie to take even a cell phone snap she’d turn away or cry.  That made me so sad!! But, there came a day when she looked at me with those sweet baby blues and she said ,”Mama can you take my picture?” Guys I about jumped out of my skin to say yes.  

Taking photos of my own children REALLY pushes me to be creative.  I mean it’s hard enough to pose and get a flow going with a client, but if that client is now a constantly moving 4 year old who doesn’t know what a waist is, that’s a whole other level.  I really try to get super creative with her and she loves it! She is such a girly girl at heart (those bruises from playing ball say otherwise sometimes) and when she gets to dress up and be a princess, or a mermaid, or fill in the blank, her smile beams into space.  I am really trying to spend my “off-season” with bettering myself as a photographer and really tapping into my creative brain.  What better way to do that than with my baby girl?

I hope you can look through some of my favorite photos of her and see what a sweet soul she is.  She has moments of wisdom far beyond her years, and moments where I think she’d rather be in diapers again, but that’s life.  I love her to pieces and hope that she keeps an interest in playing dress-up with mommy for years! I like to put her photos in order of newest to oldest…so I can see her growth backwards 😉

Make it a GREAT weekend guys!


March 24, 2017

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