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Engagement session season is definitely here, as is wedding season and so I thought that I would try and post some new things.  I am all about sharing knowledge, and educating my clients so that their experience is top notch. So as I sat here trying to think about new things to blog on- it hit me.  Why not share some tips that SZP Couples get! I have complied a list of 5 ways to help you prepare for your engagement session.  I share these tips with all of my couples before we even start our session, and it really is a perfect way to start our time together! So now, for your reading pleasure (and hopefully some helpful tips for any couples out there) here are 5 Ways to Prepare for Your Engagement Session!

1. Be on Time!– ok so this is a given but actually being on time for your session means you arrive and are ready to go 15 minutes prior to our scheduled session time.  That 15 minutes gives both you and I some wiggle room if there is traffic, and if you arrive early we can get our time started even sooner! I also like to take a few moments to chat with you before we start our session.  

2.  Empty your pockets! You will not believe the amount of times I have asked for pockets to be emptied during a session.  I know that pockets are important-and often utilized.  However, I also know that it can’t be comfortable sitting and kneeling and posing with full pockets.  I also know that when you look through your engagement portraits you will notice if you have a phone outline on your pants.  I don’t require you to put everything away as soon as we arrive to the location- but keep in mind that you don’t want to be carrying around a ton of items during your session.  Most of the time I’ll just have you throw your keys and phones in a purse or with me 😉 

3. Take Your time Choosing Your Outfits! When you’re getting your outfits ready for your session, lay them out and see if they are too “matchy matchy” or if they coordinate.  There is a HUGE difference! I recommend that you take a look at color families and palettes before heading to the store or your closet.  When it comes to the accessories do not be afraid! Play it up with ties or fun socks for the guys, and for the ladies grab some fun jewelry or a scarf! Don’t just dress up from shoulder to leg.  Do you have a pair of shoes that you really never wear but still think are awesome? Wear them! Do you really want to dress up to the nines and rock suspenders? Rock them! You will NOT be sorry you did it even for just a few hours. 

4. Remember that you are not a paid model! This is most likely the first time you and your honey are taking part in portraits together, and that is ok! You are not going to be expected to just know poses and pull them out of your back pocket.  I know that as a photographer, it is also my job to teach and guide you through your portraits, and I do just that! Don’t worry about looking perfect , because you will.  I will show you what to do with your hands, and talk you through the “GQ” poses.  You should leave our time together feeling absolutely amazing because you just had amazing portraits taken!

5. Be in the moment and have fun! I do realize how cheesy that sounds but let me explain.  This is a very short snippet of time in your life.  You go from being engaged to being married rather quickly.  While we’re making these memories, take it in.  Really look at one another and feel the love you share.  Not only will that give you portraits that you can feel when you look through them, but it will also help remind you why you are here.  Why you are together in that moment. I am a joke cracker and pun artist.  I will try my hardest to be hilarious and I will only succeed 50% of the time (My hubby says I think I’m funnier than I am but I digress).  We will have a blast together, and I want to make sure that you remember your session not only because of the portraits, but because of the things we joke about or see along the way.  

There ya go! I know these 5 tips are just the start of preparing for your engagement session, but hopefully they will guide you in the right direction for preparing you and your soon to be spouse! I know that if you are going to be an SZP Couple, I have tons of great tips and tricks that I will share with you before we even meet for the first time! 

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Well- even though Monday is almost over, I hope it was a good one for you all! Let’s chat soon though yes?

Make it great,


April 17, 2017

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