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Happy Monday friend!! I will not lie to you, this morning I didn’t want to climb out of bed and adult.  I wanted to just lay in my pjs and be warm and lazy.  Unfortunately that would mean I’d miss sharing some awesome things with you.  (Also- I’d miss the crazy dance party that’s happening right now). Even though I just dove into the 2017 wedding season I am also finding that my boudoir season is starting to kick off.  Lots of my ladies out there are waiting for nicer weather to reach out and I love it.  It’s also a time when all of my brides are getting ready for a surprise gift to their loves. So, if you fall into one of those categories and are starting to prepare for you boudoir session- let me share some ways to help and share a tidbit about what goes down at a Dolled Up Dahling Session! 

1. So you’re sitting at your laptop or computer and you just booked your boudoir session- CONGRATS!! That’s the first step girl.  You may not have ever done this before, or you may be a seasoned pro.  If this is your first time- do not sweat it.  Start thinking about what kind of session you are wanting. Do you want to do strictly bridal, or a classic black and pearl set? Old hollywood glam or pin up? You can do a themed shoot (think sexy nerd or maybe with a car/motorcycle?) Really your options are endless.  You can go as simple as you and some sheets-which are STUNNING! You just think that over and let me know. 

2. So you’ve got your ideas ready to go- you know what kind of session you want which makes this part a little easier.  Time start pulling together what you’re going to wear.  I always make sure to remind my gals not to forget those feet! If you’re going to paint your nails (which I recommend) don’t leave out the toes.  You wouldn’t think about it most likely but the feet have the ability to help tell your story.  Look for some killer shoes- even if you don’t usually wear them! It’s totally ok to go a bit wild if you want!

3.  Outfits are ready, your ideas are coming together.  It’s time to start looking for images that speak to you. I want to get an idea of what is sexy to you.  Are moody black and white images the way to your heart? Do location shoots bring out your inner fierceness? Save some- make a Pinterest Inspiration Board and send it to me.  **Disclaimer** I will NOT copy a Pinterest Pose because : 1. You are not the model in the photo, 2. We are not in the same location at the same time, 3. I am not the photographer who took it most likely.  I want this to be strictly what speaks to you.  I will use it to guide our session, not copy from it.  Besides, wouldn’t you rather have an original pose than one everyone has seen before? 

4. This tip is more of a “don’t do these things” to help avoid some not so fun times.  Try not to go tanning the week of your session.  Spray tanning while normally looks wonderful- can sometimes look streaky or maybe a bit orange.  Now is not the time for a crazy hair change.  I am one for drastic haircuts and colors, but I would not want to be photographed with a hair decision that maybe didn’t end the way I wanted it to.  So instead of doing those two things go ahead and do these: If you want a glow about you bring some shimmer spray and bronzer!! We’ll have you looking like a glowing goddess.  If you want to do something different with your hair, go for an up-do, or a curl if that’s not your norm! 

5.  Last but probably most importantly, remember that this is not something you have to be perfect at.  I do NOT expect you to walk in, say hello and work it every second.  Boudoir is an experience, and any one who has done a session with me or in general will agree that there is so much more to it than “looking sexy”.  I will fill you in on a special secret that I share during each of my sessions.  I will never ask you to pose in a way that I can’t show you, and I will never ask you to make a “sexy face”.  What even is a sexy face? If I were to try and make one right now I’d probably look ridiculous. I can’t ask you to do something like that, just like I can’t ask you to pose your body in a way that you can’t see for yourself.  We will take breaks to breathe and slouch and dance and giggle during your session, because that is part of my experience.  

Well that was super informative right? Are you ready for a last bonus treat? I wanted to take a quick second to tell you that we will take a before and after image at your session.  Is it because I want you to see your physical transformation? Not quite- I want you to be able to look at both photos, before the experience and during, and be able to see how differently you feel in each photo.  Let me show you an example:

So here is a before and after of me-the lady behind the magic.  Now these photos are taken about 30 minutes apart, in the same location with the same light setup and no photoshop. You saw that right- no photoshop. I’m posed in a way that flatters me, I coached myself through an expression that I can teach you, I’m wearing a fabulous outfit and I feel pretty darn sexy in the after. MY before is comfortable.  I just plopped myself down on the chair and smiled.  It’s natural and real life, but I don’t feel sexy or beautiful in that photo.  I see someone who is tired. Someone who is still in mom and wife mode.  Someone who needs to feel beautiful.  Now, in my after photo I see someone who is fierce and ready to take on the world.  I see a woman who is strong and powerful.  I feel beautiful in this photo.  I know it may sound ridiculously conceded to talk about myself this way, but we all deserve that moment.  I am ready to give you this moment.  Want to see more of these afters? Keep scrolling and imagine that this is YOU!

I want to see you in these photos- so what are you waiting for? You have everything you need right now in this blog post to get started! Go to the contact page or click here to send me a message.  I can’t wait to bring your “after” to life!

Make it great xoxo


May 22, 2017

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