Lisa and Corey’s Monumental Engagement | A Washington D.C. Engagement

Happy Friday! I don’t want to keep anyone waiting for diving into these BEAUTIFUL images so let me just give you a cliff notes version of this amazing experience.  Corey and Lisa are my two best friends from college.  We were friends before they were together and I’m going to tell you that I just knew they’d end up together.   It didn’t matter that we were the 3 amigos, ballroom dance trios, and best friends.  They had a spark long before they even saw it.  This session was so much more to me than an engagement session.  It was a 13 hour freezing cold day in Washington D.C. with two people who have held me up when I fell, and loved me when even I didn’t.  It was full of private jokes, good food, and even a 20 minute car nap.  

We woke up around 4 am that morning to get ready and make it into the city.  It was a rough start let me be honest.  It was about 30 degrees and Lisa was wearing this dress, stunning and beautiful, but it was NOT made for winter-like weather.  We piled on gloves and blankets and jackets and at one point I was sure I looked like a homeless woman with a camera.  When we made it to the monuments that they had chosen, my inner spirit warmed me right up.  It was like magic- we were alone.  I don’t mean like a few people here and there.  There was no one but the guards.  It really made me take a minute to truly appreciate everything that was happening before me and take in the sheer beauty that is our nation’s capital.  There’s something about D.C. that always gets me in a sentimental mood and I can never place my finger on it, but watching Corey and Lisa in one of the most beautiful places here really cemented the fact that they are perfect for each other.  

Here’s a peek at our chilly morning in Washington!

The next part of our adventure included lunch, a car nap (because 4 am is early ya’ll) and some country road driving to 2 beautiful wineries.  I want to thank Creek’s Edge and Breaux Wineries for allowing us to explore their grounds. Don’t let that sun fool you- it was still freezing and Corey and Lisa took it like a champ.  Really. 

I honestly couldn’t think of a more perfect engagement session for these guys. To know them both separately and before each other is some I take as a huge gift.  I know how much love they both have in their hearts and now to be a witness to that love coming together, it’s truly something I will never get to see again in this lifetime.  I am so blessed to have these guys in my life and to call them my best friends is icing on the cake.  I cannot wait for their wedding in October!!

Have a great weekend!


May 26, 2017

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