Kayla’s Beach Glam Session | Presque Isle Erie Pa Dolled Up Dahling

Every now and then I will put up a random shoot location and time on my Facebook page and see who shows up.  Well last week I did just that but I didn’t even have to guess who was coming! The sunset was looking to be a beautiful one, so I hopped in the car and drove down to the beach.  I’m not a person that LOVES to go to the beach here- it is only a lake after all, but I’m learning that what we have is something special and we should hold onto that.  Kayla’s mom had tagged her in my post and we messaged for a few minutes and that was it!

It was such a warm day, and I thought let’s do something fun and get in the sand and let the waves come up and see what happens.  Now, it was much colder in the evening so we didn’t go full swim mode but still-beauty of epic proportions I tell ya.  Kayla is SUCH a natural.  She’s a dancer, and from being an ex-dancer myself I can attest to the fact that her ability to move her body and be aware of her arms and face stems from that. Let’s kick the chit chat and get to the goods right? Take a look at Kayla’s amazing sunset session! 

June 5, 2017

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