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So who wants lunch? You have to know that by now I don’t mean just lunch right? I am so excited to be able to offer this and o couldn’t wait any longer to say…I AM NOW OFFERING MENTORING SESSIONS! How exciting! I want to be able to share all of this knowledge in my brain with those who are just starting out, or maybe you’re a few years in and you’re feeling like you’re stuck. I know how it feels to be stuck and it’s not fun-but I am here to help you out! These mentoring sessions are jam packed with information, starting with lunch and a social media walk though with me! Get ready to get out that Instagram and Facebook and let’s dive in! (To your media as well as the yummy foods!) 

Social Media Walkthrough- Let's look at that Instagram!!

Social Media Walkthrough- Let’s look at that Instagram!!

After lunch we will take a break and give you a full set of new headshots and brand images! They will look a little something like mine below! (Thanks to my super amazing talented bestie Jessica Husted of Jessica Husted Photography for making me look fan-freaking-tastic) I really want these images to jive with you and your brand so we will talk through them before we even meet!  

After your session is done, we will jump into the heavy stuff. I will have a fully styled session just for you! You will be able to shoot alongside of me, take notes or video or whatever you want to do! I may even step back at the end and let you direct while I take a few behind the scene shots 😉 I will be offering both boudoir and wedding mentoring sessions, so when you book be sure to let me know which is your jam so I can style accordingly! I am so excited to be able to give you a full session to use on your website, in your portfolio, you name it!  

Let's shoot together!! I will teach you my tips and tricks!

Let’s shoot together!! I will teach you my tips and tricks!

So let’s see…we’ve eaten together, looked through your social media, had some beautiful new headshots and shot a fully styled session.  What is left? oh yeah- EDITING & WORKFLOW!! To end our time together we will go over how I edit and what my workflow looks like from point of contact to a year later. You’ll get to watch me edit images from that day and ask whatever questions make you want to scream.  I will be there for you and we will come up with suggestions or new plans for you and your business.   I cannot wait to see how  you do after our session!

(Thanks Michaela Kessler of Michaela Kessler Photography for these super cute behind the scenes photos!!)

So, if you’re still here CONGRATULATIONS!! I was just so excited to tell you this that I may have talked your ear off (or eyes off really) but I couldn’t wait.  To get even more information or to book a mentoring session click the education tab at the top of the page.  I have very limited availability of these and I know dates will go so fast.  Please don’t wait if you think you want to schedule one! As a HUGE BONUS- if you are one of the first 3 mentoring sessions booked you will get $75 off your total- SUCH A GOOD DEAL! I can’t wait to meet you, no matter where you are coming from or what level of photographer you are. 

Have you signed up for the email list? I hope you did because they get fun freebies and insights that I use during my mentoring sessions for free!! These are tiny tidbits of info, but they are oh so fun. 

Make it a great weekend!


June 9, 2017

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