Meet the Meads! | An Erie Pa Lifestyle Session

Doesn’t that title sound like an awesome TV show? It reminded me of a funny family sitcom when I thought of it, and honestly Matt and Teri would be hilarious if they had their own show.  I met these two amazing people at a Tuesday’s Together meet-up.  I knew as soon as they sat down that we would get along so well! We all believe in being 100% real life and their sense of community is so amazing.  Matt is a photographer in Erie (and the area) and Teri helps him run the LLC and also has her own blog!! I’ll link both of those sites below for you to check out!

Matt’s Website! :

Teri’s Blog! :

When I started talking to Matt about what his vision was I realized that we are both on the line of w’s- whiskey, wine, and water.  Maybe not so much drinking of the water but more so scuba diving and under water photography! Matt’s underwater images blow my mind you guys.  There is something so peaceful and terrifying and awesome in the most literal sense.  I loved the vibe he wanted for their session and we originally had planned something awesome at the Erie Yacht Club, but the weather decided not to agree with that.  So that meant we’d be meeting at the Mead’s humble abode- a.k.a. The Meadhall.  How fun is that?! Now their home is beautiful and totally perfect for them.  I was greeted at the door by 2 super cute dogs and I knew (well hoped) that we’d hit it off! For the record we absolutely did and we joked about how funny it was that their sweet girl Zoe who normally runs from the camera, sat up and posed for me.  Take a look at this super fun couples’ lifestyle session!

Matt and Teri- thank yo SO much for inviting me into your home. welcoming me with open arms (and glasses) and for a great friendship! Zoe and Ziva- thanks for sniffing out the awesome in me!! 

Have a great Wednesday friends!


June 28, 2017

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