Chloe & Tyler | An Erie Pa Bayfront Engagement Session

Hey there Friday what’s up?! If you’re over here from my Instagram post for the day thank you for stopping by! I’m so excited to have you 🙂 Let’s talk about how seriously amazing Chloe and Tyler look in these photos-because I seriously was so excited when I saw them getting out of the car.

**Fun story time** So when I pulled into the location we were going to shoot at, I saw this large, green, glorious bowling ball.  It was just sitting in the parking spot next to me and I knew that I needed it. Now obviously I don’t just go around taking things that don’t belong to me, but because of where we were, I knew it wasn’t missed and it looked like it had been there for a bit so I picked it up and got an idea…let’s do the ring shots on the bowling ball! Chloe and Tyler are awesome and were totally into it so that’s indeed what happened. 

Take a peek at these two lovebirds 🙂 

I’m incredibly jealous of Tyler’s ink (and his transition lenses) and Chloe and I knew each other in high school- so I was beside myself excited doing these photos.  I’m so happy for them and I know their wedding will be beautiful! 

Make it a great weekend!


July 14, 2017

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