Halle & Jared | An Erie Pa Bayfront Sweetheart Session

I was too excited to share this session with you guys.  I love sweetheart sessions! Is that evident? Probably but thats ok- Jared and Halle are gorgeous and hilarious and I just loved photographing them.  Jared was one of my seniors last year and I knew he’d totally rock this session.  His sweetheart Halle is GORGEOUS!!! I mean if I could fill the page with exclamation points I would but that would be tough to read.  

We took a walk around the Erie bayfront and the sunset was perfect.  Perfect as in I was practically drooling behind the camera.  Take a look at this super sweet sweetheart session!

Jared and Halle- Thank you guys so much for trusting me and climbing down on rocks and loving each other in front of random civilians.  They might have been confused, but boy oh boy we knew exactly what we were doing! 

Make it a great Monday!!


July 17, 2017

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