Renae & Alex | An Erie Pa Bayfront Sweetheart Session

Noticing a theme in my posts yet? They are all about my couples lately and I am LOVING it! Renae and Alex were “First timers” as most of my couples are, but you really wouldn’t know! They were s excited to jump in front of my camera and we had a blast together.  Erie is a relatively small town, so that means I often know my couples.  Maybe even just one of them.  However, in this case we all went to the same high school, at the same time, and we never met! Isn’t that crazy?! Granted I graduated in a class of over 700 kids, but you’d think we’d run into each other maybe a few times? Nope not even once.  I am so happy we connected though because these guys are so fun!


We did some dancing- which is a new thing I’m throwing in the mix.   I’ve found that giving my couples some space and eating them move around gives me the most authentic and beautiful emotions.  So, be ready to give me a twirl or two during our session! While we’re talking about details, can we all just take a moment and applaud Renae’s gorgeous skirt- it was a Goodwill find! I love it.  Here’s a peek at our rooftop bayfront session! 

Alex and Renae- Thank you so much for trusting me, laughing at my awful jokes, and sweating it out with me on the roof.  You guys are so great together and I absolutely adore you! 

Whatever you are doing today, make it great!


July 19, 2017

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