Kim & Scott | An Erie Pa Anniversary Session

How many times have you read a book that has a love story and thought to yourself, “I want that kind of love”? Really how many times because I know I’ve done it often and its kind of funny because if I think about all of those situations they have one thing in common- the love is so strong and full of faith in each other.  My Aunt and Uncle have that kind of love and it truly is beautiful. I hope that when Brett and I are celebrating 30 years together that we can look at each other and love the way they do.

 I’ve been putting some work into a new guide and I wanted real couples to aide in the making, so to have been able to photograph Kim and Scott is something I really can’t explain.  Watching them together (when we weren’t laughing about how ridiculous they felt behind trees) was so heartwarming.  It gave me the feelings of I want that kind of love.

 Take a look at this beautiful anniversary session! 

I truly love all of the couples I get to photograph, and when family members step in front of my lens it’s not much different for me other than things like “remember it’s Aunt and Uncle” or “Don’t make bad jokes that could be brought up at Christmas”. That’s really it though! I will say that it’s 100% so much more fulfilling when you get that text form someone you love and look up to saying how much they love their photos.  It’s such a great experience and to know that I have shared that same experience with them is a gift.  

Make today extra great!


August 3, 2017

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