Brittany & Mike | An Erie Pa Engagement

Just like that- another week gone.  How’d you spend it? W have started the school bedtime routine here and it’s maybe not going as well as we hoped.  We’ll have a kindergartener and 2 preschoolers, which means it will be me and Luna all day long with the house to ourselves.  * Cue the mom crying face here* Today I’m excited to introduce you to a 2018 SZP couple- meet Brittany and Mike! I am so excited to be shooting their wedding next year.

We live in a pretty small city in comparison, so it’s not that surprising when I know someone. I graduated in a class of over 700 kids, so a few of them are bound to be my brides!! The three of us all went to the same high school.  Brittany and I knew each other, but I really had no idea that so did Mike! It’s funny how things like that play out isn’t it? 

Take a look at that gorgeous ring and their session below!!

Brittany and Mike- Thank you SO much for choosing me as your photographer,  I know that we had so much fun together during your engagement session and I cannot wait to be there with and for you on your wedding day!

Make it a great weekend!


August 4, 2017

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