Baby Makes 3! | An Erie PA Maternity Session

I’m back baby!! Today I want to share a super special session with you guys.  I know I usually keep the blog to wedding and boudoir, BUT I am so in love with these images and I need you to see why.   

Courtney and I used to work together back when I did sales-based photography.  We worked in the same studio and had some pretty fun and hilarious times.  She was such a sweetheart and I always knew that if I was in a mood or had a bad day she’d be the one who could make me laugh about it.  Courtney is just the kind of person that can make anyone smile.  She’d so down to earth and sweet.  She’s fiery at times but thats what makes her so darn special.  So naturally when I found out that she was going to be a mama I lost my mind!! I was just so excited for her and I knew she was going to be GORGEOUS with a baby bump. Clearly I was not wrong in that statement.  I got to meet Tod- who is so sweet and funny.  He compliments Courtney perfectly and I just know that they are going to be amazing parents because the love they have for each other radiates from them.  Take a peek! 

Courtney and Tod- thank you so much for following my crazy lead.  I know there are things I asked you to do (go stand in that tree over there) that sounded ridiculous but hopefully they were just as worth it to you as they were to me!! I can’t wait to see how your love for Rylan comes into full force when he makes his arrival.  I am so happy for you guys!


October 4, 2017

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