Brittany & Andrew Engaged | An Erie Pa Engagement Session

Hi there!! I love welcoming my new brides during the engagement season.  It makes me so excited, and happy and crazy. So, naturally when we set the date for Andrew and Brittany’s engagement session, I was SO EXCITED! The wether however had a different story.  Luckily we were able to find a new date that worked perfectly.  Brittany actually lives in Buffalo, so she made the drive over to Erie for her session and I’m really happy that we were able to come together.  These guys are so adorable.  I was smiling the whole session so much that my cheeks hurt when I was left.  

So during our session, we started at Frontier Park.  I have recently ventured into new ares of the park just for a change.  There was this bright yellow tree that I saw in the distance, and I really needed to photograph there.  So we walked over and the closer we got to the tree, the more we smelled this very pungent odor.  Once we were standing in the leaves that had fallen, we stared hearing some popping noises with each step.  This tree the I had found was a berry tree.  The name is currently escaping me but it smelled SO BAD! Luckily we pushed through for like 3 minutes and then left quickly.  It was so weird.  The second half of our time together was spent at Presque Isle.  I love it there in the fall.  It was brought to my attention that this cute car was going to be in some photos, and I was totally down for that!  We pulled into the parking lot, and I look over and see a HUGE skunk. This little guy was so big it was crazy.  So, we all sat in our cars for a few moments until we felt it was safe.  Talk about timing right? 

I loved hanging out with these guys, their love is so beautiful and I am so happy we met.  Take a peek at some of my favorites!  

Andrew and Brittany- thank you both so much for braving the chill (and nature) with me, for letting me be awful at remembering names for a moment, and for laughing at my terrible jokes. You guys are so wonderful and beautiful and I am just so excited to photograph your wedding day next spring.  

Happy Wednesday friend!


November 15, 2017

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