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Happy Monday!! I’ve been on the fence and of the fence about sharing these types of posts with you, but I really gave a hard thought and I decided that I would keep seeing frustration and sadness in brides unless I started the conversation.  So here goes.  Today I want to talk to you about your wedding photographer, and their style.  I know that doesn’t really seem that important right? Like why can’t you just find someone who takes beautiful photos and is in your budget and call it a day? You can, but I’m here to tell you that you won’t be as happy as you could be with a photographer who’s style speaks to your soul.

I’m going to explain this in a personal way, even though I know that my style is not everyone’s taste.  That’s ok.  Write that down.  It’s ok if styles don’t mesh.  That doesn’t mean I think any less of a bride, or take it personally.  I know that I have a specific shooting and editing style, and I wouldn’t expect it to be everyones favorite.  My style in shooting is romantic portraits and intimate moments captured.  I am not the photographer that gets into everyones faces during the reception, but I wait out the moments when your grandparents get up for one dance, or your mom looks from afar and wipes a stray tear.  I don’t stand right up next to the officiant during your ceremony, taking the magic away from that moment.  Because that’s what your wedding day is all about – moments.  Now please understand that I am NOT in any way saying that styles that do those things are bad.  They’re not at all; they’re just not my jam. My wedding day flow is something that I am always working on, making better.  Some things have never changed, and keeping moments magical is one of them.  My editing style has been all over the spectrum. It’s not a good or bad thing- really it’s pretty normal.  We all start somewhere and usually we grow and evolve with time.  I have changed styles a handful of times but I have finally found a style that really makes my heart swell and my eyes water.  I am an airy, muted tone photographer.  I don’t really favor blown out highlights and whites, but I don’t like darkness. I want my portraits to feel romantic and sweet.  Something that you can hang up in your living room no matter what color the walls are.  It has proven to be a difficult style to keep up with, but I find that it makes it all the more enjoyable for me.

Now here’s where you, my wonderful bride-to-be, come in.  When you close your eyes and envision your wedding portraits, or any portraits for that matter, what do you see? Do you see deep rich tones with contrast, or do you see neutrals being lifted and brightness? Do your photos make you feel warn and fuzzy or alive and full of spirit? My brides should want to feel etherial, adventurous but romantic and sweet.  Light and airy with just a touch of moodiness.  Photos that when you look at them they take your breath away.  Wispy. Those are my brides.  Those are the feelings that I strive to invoke.  I need you to know that it’s ok if that’s not what you want.  Please don’t ever for a second think that I don’t want you because your style “isn’t what I do” .  I know a lot of wedding photographers, and they all have their own individual style.  You can line up all of our work and none of it would be the same.  It’s so amazing to see happen, and why it’s so important to base your wedding photography experience off of style. I was a bride.  I was a budget bride so hear me out.  I understand the feeling of well if they fit in the budget they’ll have to do.  Please I am down on my knees begging you don’t sacrifice your wedding photos.  Please just ask around or look a little farther out of your area if you’re not finding someone who’s heart is in the same lane as yours.  Take the time to really look at your candidates current work.  Ask them for a sample of a recent wedding.  Even better if they’ve photographed at your venue. Do the work.  It will pay off so much more that you realize.  You won’t just be happy with your photos, you will fall in love with each and every one of them every time you open that album. Below you’ll see a handful of images that I think really captivate my essence as a wedding photographer.  These moments are carefully chosen from the most wonderful day of these couples’ lives.  Can you see yourself in these photos? If so, then we may just be a perfect match.

A super tiny snippet of what an SZP wedding looks like, but I can feel every one of those images. they each take me back to that exact moment, and that’s what I want your wedding photos to bring you.  Please don’t settle on your wedding photography.  Even if you don’t know what you style is, I can and will help you figure that out!! We can talk it over, and then if we’re not a fit, I have a crazy long list of people that may be – and that’s just a fulfilling to me.

Happy Monday friend


November 20, 2017

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