Jeremy & Carrie Engaged! | An Erie Pa Wintergreen Gorge Engagement Session

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! That’s a thing right? If not it is now! I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with another one of my 2018 couples and let me tell you they are so wonderful! We were laughing pretty much the entire time we weren’t shivering.  It wasn’t that bad (I’ve photographed in worse) but it was still cold.  

Carrie and Jeremy are getting married next summer at a GORGEOUS winery and I knew as soon as we started talking that it was basically a perfect fit.  We had originally planned on being totally ok with the fact that the waterfalls had been dammed off, but the water level was so high that it came right over the dam!! Talk about lucky right? That little cutie in the middle was so sweet and excited looking for ducks, and hiding in his winter coat in between photos.  (He’s still in that “kissing is gross” stage and it’s probably the most adorable thing ever)

Take a look at those epic ring shots taken on a horseshoe ( the playing kind not the animal kind); these two lovebirds first met at the horseshoe club here in Erie.  I think that is so cool! It’s really not something I have ever heard of before and when they were telling me about it I was pretty amazed.  I love stories like that though, because I’m secretly a gross romantic.  Take a look at some of my favorite images from this chilly yet heart-warming engagement session!

Carrie and Jeremy- Thank you both SO much for including me on this journey with you.  I am so excited for your wedding next summer.  You guys are simply wonderful and so in love and your smiles are 100% contagious.  I am so glad we were able to kick back and have some fun because really-who wants stuffy engagement photos? 

Have a fantabulous day friend!


November 29, 2017

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